Get the Papers

In 2006, a woman brought the Central Park Papers to David Wise for his help as detective to figure out the secret. Once they discovered the secret, they honored Calvert Vaux’s request not to reveal it for 10 years.

During those 10 years, the woman died unexpectedly. Now, David Wise is making the Central Park Papers available to everyone for free.

But Calvert Vaux’s letter is clear … once you discover the secret, you are bound by your honour not to reveal the secret for 10 years. By accessing the papers, you agree to those terms.

Click here to agree to the terms of Calvert Vaux’s letter and get the Central Park Papers

Most people find it is well worth it to purchase access to the Vigenere Autokey Cipher program, which you can read about and access here.

Many people also like to give a donation, which you can do here.

It is highly recommended that you print out the papers. If you do not have access to a printer, just send $15 via PayPal to receive a copy in the mail. Alternatively, there are plenty of places near Central Park to print out the papers. The FedEx Office store at 59th and Central Park West is open 24/7.

And when going to Central Park, remember sunscreen, a smartphone or tablet, and a pen.

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