Help with the Papers

Vigenere Autokey Cipher Program

Deciphering text letter by letter is a laborious process. The “Decipher Text” pages have a program with the enciphered texts from the Central Park Papers already typed in. All you have to do is type in the key and the program will display the deciphered text. Just follow these steps:

1. Pay $10 via PayPal at this link:

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2. Go to the “Decipher Text” page for the text you want to decipher. The password is the merchant’s e-mail address in the PayPal receipt you will receive once you have paid.

Decipher Text 1
Decipher Text 2
Decipher Text 3
Decipher Text 4

Hire David Wise

If you would like more help, David is available for hire. David won’t reveal the answers, because he feels it is in the spirit of Calvert Vaux’s letter that you figure things out for yourself. But he will guide you on your way.

For $25, David will answer your questions via e-mail. This is his rate for up to half an hour of his time (which does not have to be consecutive) spent responding to your questions; people don’t usually need more than that. This payment also gives you access to the Vigenere Autokey Cipher program (see above).

Just pay via PayPal below and then contact David using the form below. He’ll do his best to respond quickly, but obviously he is not available 24/7.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!
If you would like to schedule a specific time for David to be available to answer your questions via phone or e-mail, or you would like David to accompany you to Central Park in person, use the contact form below to arrange times and fees. 

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